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A Little Bit About Us...

We are Iphigenia and Amanda, the founders of Muddy Stories. Our children's book company is a place where we focus on creating children's stories rich in adventure, magic, and vivid storytelling. We love the idea of bringing our imaginations to life through these pages. We are currently selling our first book titled, What Spring Will Bring, and have book number two in the works for August 2021.

At Muddy Stories we coupled our love of exploring with our passion for engaging story-telling to create books that provide a pathway to learning. With Amanda's love of creative writing and Iphigenia's love of illustrating, Muddy Stories became the perfect opportunity to share our passions with all of you.

In grade 3, Iphigenia and Amanda met outside at recess, both covered head to toe in mud. We both looked at one another, smiled and a beautiful friendship was born. Each day that year we spent countless amounts of recesses making mud pies, mud bowls and anything else we could form with our own two hands out of the brown, messy dirt. Luckily, our creative inspirations branched out further from mud as we grew into adulthood, flourishing alongside our friendship of twenty fives years. What started out as two little girls with a mutual love of mud has now blossomed into our passion project, Muddy Stories.

We look forward to riding out this new chapter of our friendship with all of you.

Yours truly,

Iphigenia and Amanda

Muddy Stories


Hi! I'm Iphigenia Pheakos, the illustrator behind the books! Growing up, drawing and painting was always something that was done to pass the time. As I grew older, this hobby of mine fell to the back burner, as real life kicked in, and University and then College happened. In 2016, I decided to pick up my brushes again, and have been busying myself in the world of gouache, watercolour, and acrylics ever since! One of my favourite parts of creating these illustrations is figuring out how to tell Amanda's story through drawings. It's a visual translation of words into paint. Together we decide on what illustrations will help bring the story to life, and the rough sketching slowly turns into hard lines, and then to colour! I am so looking forward to creating many more illustrations for future books to come! Stay tuned for more. Thanks for stopping by! Iphigenia


Hi there! I'm Amanda Baniuk, the writer behind the scenes at Muddy Stories. I'm a teacher, traveler and lover of children's books! I have spent my whole life seeking adventures. Be it hopping on a plane to visit a land far, far away, or simply hiking in a new forest here in Ontario, exploring our world's most beautiful new places is what ignites the fire inside my bones. My imagination likes to work in overdrive using all the astonishing places I've been as the settings in our books. I hope you enjoy the tales that Iphigenia and I have plucked right out of our heads and tossed creatively onto paper. Keep your eyes open for more stories through different places, made especially for you, by us. Stay wonderful, Amanda

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