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Our First Review

Getting your story out into the world and into the hands of both people you know and strangers, is a terrifying and exhilarating experience. Will they like it? Will they think it's horrible? Oh no, did it not make sense? All these questions swirl around in your head as you begin receiving the notifications of 'delivered' in your inbox. The fact of the matter is; either way, we always learn something!

Luckily for us, the reviews have all been great so far!

Our first official review was written by Paris Chanel, the author of 'The F Word'. Click the link below to read both hers and her son's, thoughts on What Spring Will Bring.

Her words have touched us and we hope they do you as well.

If you have a platform to leave a review of our book on - please let us know and we will share it here as well!!

Happy Reading,

Muddy stories

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