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'I Can't Get Up Today' Review

Story written by: Charles Montgomery

I Can't Get Up today is a beautiful children's story about all the ways children use their imagination to try and get out of going to school. It is cleverly written by Charles Montgomery in a way that is relatable for both a child, as well as their parents. We all know how difficult it can be to get little ones up and ready for their day, especially when they really don't want to.

This story follows a young boy who simply cannot, and will not get up to go to school today. The excuses he comes up with, albeit very good attempts, are no match for his clever mom. With every reason why he cannot get up, she quickly, much like most moms I know, has an irrefutable counter-argument.

The illustrations are detailed and carry a sense of nostalgia in the sense of what children's stories from my youth looked like. Remarkably creative and follow the theme of Montgomery's descriptive writing.

I would definitely recommend this story to those of you having trouble getting your little ones up in the morning. It also provides an insight into the characteristics of the animals listed throughout.

Muddy Stories gives this book 4 / 5 Stars.

By : Amanda Baniuk

Muddy Stories

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