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How Spring was Sprung...

Updated: May 5, 2021


This book came to be as a passion project between two childhood friends. One was a teacher, and the other was an illustrator. Together they wanted to create a magical story rich in adventure, wildlife, and a vivid colour scheme. Most importantly, we also wanted to ensure that this story was an accurate representation of the life of a small bear, as well as other animals in a Northern Ontario forest. Each tree, bush, rock, and body of water was researched and referenced from real photos of Algonquin Park. For us, part of the magic of creating this story was to ensure that we put as much detail into creating a realistic version of forest animals, and their habitats, as possible.

Through months of research, planning, sketching, painting, scanning, and Photoshopping, we were finally at the point of sending to print. We are so excited to share our journey with you!

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