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Book Review of 'The F Word'

By Paris Chanel

Available for purchase on Amazon.

First and foremost, this book is about exactly what you think it is - kids repeating words they hear when maybe, just maybe, they shouldn't. The F Word is a humorous, children's book about a little boy named Floyd who has a love of all words that start with the letter F...That is until he stumbles upon one that perhaps isn't entirely appropriate.

Floyd learns a valuable lesson the day he discovers that some F words are sometimes not always as nice as the others. Paris is a very talented writer to be able to take a subject such as this and create a story that is relatable, funny and highlights the importance of how words can have an impact on others. Iphigenia and I were both gasping, laughing, and emphasizing along with the characters throughout. The illustrations by Taiye Okoh give you the impression of being a cozy, warm family home where children, like Floyd, and so many others would feel comfortable enough to test out new words.

Much like most kids, the story depicts a great picture of a child who hears something new and wants to test out a new word they may not know the meaning behind. We all are familiar with kids saying the 'darndest' things, and Paris Chanel's 'The F Word' is the epitome of that phrase. Not only does it teach children a lesson, of choosing their words carefully, it also helps the reader empathize with what it means to make a mistake.

We would definitely recommend 'The F Word' to those parents searching for a way to address the topic of impolite words in a comical, heart-warming way.

We would give this book 4.5/5.

Written by:

Amanda Baniuk

Muddy Stories

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